Mr. Sub


Mr. Sub Restaurants have been a Canadian staple for over 50 years, serving quality food fast and making it fresh. They wanted their customers to immerse themselves in this culture of value and quality by freshening their walls with high quality signage. Further to this, the goal was to use a sustainable signage graphic system that allowed staff to easily change out fabric panels at will.


The Verde fastframe signage system, featuring face-mounted fabrics on black frames provided the perfect solution. With five different frame cluster combinations, the team at Verde fastframe created a playful yet appetizing display solution that really stands out and is easy to change.


The feedback from participating locations was positive. Customers were easily engaged with the quality ingredients messaging. Vibrant image reproduction on beautifully textured fabric combined with a lightweight signage frame was a winning combination for Mr. Sub. As locations are refreshed, Mr. Sub Restaurants continue to include Verde fastframe in their signage packages for multiple locations. Verde fastframe can certainly relate to Mr. Sub’s ethos of giving our customers value for their money.