Transform your home, office or any
wall with framed high-quality prints.

Decorate your walls and redecorate at will. The Verde Wallart system is uniquely

engineered for quick and easy assembly. Simply remove the wall art panel and replace

Here’s what we would like to offer you.

Engage your customers with a Wallart offering like no other. Through your existing website, we’d like to offer your customers an opportunity to order wall art, through our broad selection of artwork or curate your art with our amazing creative team. We’ll provide the made-to order Verde Fastframe™ and stunning fabric photo prints.

We’ll ship orders directly to customers around the world.

This impressive product line will provide an additional revenue stream for your business while Verde Fastframe™ takes care of the rest.

Thousands of images to choose from in a broad selection of categories.

  • Nature
  • Cityscapes & Skylines
  • Sea & Beach
  • Sunrise & Sunset
  • Bridges
  • Landscapes
  • Black & White
  • Vintage
  • Floral
  • Animals & Pets
  • Food
  • Illustration & Water Colour

Custom Art & Curated Collections.

Allow our creative team to create curated collections – personalized for your brand and designed specifically to connect with your target audience.

Available image sizes

Create a beautiful, timeless look for any space. Your customers will appreciate the gallery wrap quality, affordable price and various sizes.Allow your customers to choose from a selection of standard or custom sizes.


24” X 16”
36” X 24”
42” X 28”


16” X 24”
24” X 36”
28” X 42”

Product Details

> Perfect folded
corner and Edges

> No sagging and
stretching over time

> HP latex-based
inks are UV/fade
resistant and

> Arrives

Ridiculously Easy

Verde Wallart snaps together in just three easy steps, with no special tools required. Simply click the frames and panel connectors together, and attach the painted graphic to the frame by guiding the beading into a specially designed channel. Want to change the art? Remove. Replace. Rehang. Done.

Made In Canada

Verde Wallart is the product of Canadian innovation, specially developed to take silicone edge graphic printing to the next level. Every Verde frame and printed fabric surface is proudly manufactured here in the true north strong and free.

The Brick

Our partners mean the world to us. Visit the to check the exclusive collection created for The Brick.

Fika Wallart – Coming Soon!

Relax – Fika has your wall covered. Bring your memories to life and allow for personal expression at home or work.

Inspired by the Swedish term for relaxing with others over cakes and tea, Fika is the soothing way reimagine your space. Upload photos