Verde fastframe

A revolutionary sign system like no other on the planet

Verde fastframe is a unique modular signage system designed to save you time and money that is a patent-approved solution across Canadian, the US and European markets. Made with 25% reclaimed materials, the Verde fastframe assembles in minutes, requiring no tools and no loose parts to worry about so you’ll save time and cut down on installation costs.

Lightweight and modular

Insert display graphics simply and easily

Available in any size and colour

Made with 25% reclaimed materials

Frame Length

Features: Available in custom sizes of 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’ and 12’

Specifications: 2” x 2.5”

Support Length

Features: Available in custom sizes

Specifications: 2” x 2.5”


Features: Used to connect 4’ lengths for ease of shipment.

Specifications: 1.25” thick and 13.5” long

Corner Bracket 

Features: To be used as corner for frame system

Specifications: 2” thick

V-Stand Base Foot

Features: To be used as base foot for frame system to create banner displays

Specifications: Available in black or white

Aluminum Frames

Signage that engages customers

Verde fastframe is now available in a full range of wall-mounted and free-standing aluminum framing systems. Take your Verde fastframe to the next level with durable signage made with commercial-grade aluminum that automatically captures the public’s attention


The seamless edge-to-edge printed fabric surface looks exceptionally clean and modern, while supporting bold and realistic print colours.


Fabric panels can be easily replaced by store staff or installers.


We also provide backlit LED lightboxes that illuminate a printed fabric surface utilizing energy-efficient LED lighting.


The fabric is attached to a commercial-grade aluminum frame, which can be scaled to any custom size you desire.

The Source Aluminum Free-Standing Frames

Shaw Aluminum Wall-Mounted Lightbox

Bell Aluminum Wall-Mounted Lightbox


A full range of services to help you communicate with style

Once you have selected your Verde fastframe system, we can support you with a full range of complimentary services such as full-service signage printing, design, installation and more.

Integrated LED Lighting

Make your messaging really stand out with backlit lighting utilizing energy-efficient LEDs.


From developing concepts to providing final design files, the pros at Verde fastframe are here to help.

Dye-Sublimation Fabric Printing

Let us provide you with fabric prints to compliment your Verde framing system – featuring superior print quality and colour vibrancy.


Available around the clock and throughout Canada, our installers know how to get the job done.

3D Printing

Verde fastframe now offers this trending and cutting-edge technology. Let us 3D print your project with our Dimension 1200es Printer utilizing FDM™ technology.

3D Renderings

Let our CAD experts be your go-to resource for constructing 3D renderings and detailed drawings.

Site Inspection

We are available to conduct site visits nationwide and take measurements of your spaces to ensure your framing solution is optimized to your environment.

Warehousing and Logistics

Verde fastframe offers warehouse management services with custom inventory options. Available around the clock, our team is always ready.