Freedom Mobile POS (Point of Sale) Wall



Freedom Mobile’s POS wall is a focus wall located directly behind the cash desk. It boasts an oversized graphic which is generally 12’-16’ wide. The objective of this refresh was two part. 1. Swap out the old frame and panel systems to a new lightweight and streamlined aluminum frame. 2. Swap out the old blue graphics to align with the new brand refresh.



We worked closely with the Freedom team to ensure we had an accurate tally of stores requiring new frame systems. Knowing what was currently in market and where, was key to the success of this rollout. We were responsible for procuring the frames, outputting the matching size fabrics, removing the old frame and/or panel system, and installing the new frame and fabric in store.



Upon project completion, Freedom now has a consistent framing solution in place across all of their locations. Most importantly, it is on brand and provides a familiar look and feel across all stores. Additionally, it now provides the Freedom team with a streamlined system and method to refresh graphics as needed.