Boost Your Tradeshow Booth with Silicone Edge Graphics

Tradeshows and retail environments alike know how important it is to create marketing materials and signage to stand out from the crowd. Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) are an economically and environmentally sustainable modular signage option for creating impact. They are an extremely effective form of large-format and high-definition signage that can be custom sized and fitted for any environment.

Verde Fastframe is a type of SEG who’s printing process follows a simple and environmentally friendly formula. High-resolution water based sublimated dye is used to imprint images or graphics onto a thin silicone fabric to create a vibrant and strikingly sharp quality print resembling a photograph. The printed fabric is then stretched and inserted into an easy to assemble frame and then clipped into position to create the final sign or displays.

These high-quality image displays are an aesthetical alternative to other conventional, hard-panel signage systems.

The Advantages of Using Verde Fastframe

Verde Fastframe is a unique Silicone Edge Graphic system that is lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble, easily transportable, highly durable, and visually compelling customizable frames. Here are just a few benefits of using SEGs, such as Verde Fastframe, for your marketing initiatives.

Lightweight Design

Because of its lightweight design, the Verde system is especially popular for booth space and for hanging at tradeshows and corporate conventions. Exhibitors and organizers need signage that can easily be carried from one point to another, and this system offers a valuable solution. In recent years, companies have picked up on this phenomenon and have began using these frames and displays for their marketing signage, store displays and even for interior office spaces.

Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

Assembly and disassembly are relatively easy and can often be done by one person. All you have to do is stretch out the fabric over the frame and then clip it into place. The stitching on the fabric edges will be completely covered by the frame that supports the graphic, which creates the illusion that the image is hanging on its own. To disassemble the sign, all you have to do is gently pull the fabric out of the extrusion and then fold it up neatly with the graphic on the inside for storage.

Easy Transportation

Verde frames are easy to transport from one location to another, and because of their lightweight nature, the shipping and drayage costs are relatively lower compared to hard panel signage. Compact packaging allows for easy transportation from warehouses to tradeshow events or retail locations within a relatively short timeframe.

Highly Durable Build

The frames are highly durable, which makes them ideal for usage in any high traffic public space such as in a crowded tradeshow. They are also very easy to clean—just wipe clean occasionally with a damp cloth without damaging the print. The silicone fabric is also tear-resistant, which makes for optimal usage in different retail and tradeshow settings.

Visually Appealing with Minimalist Frames

Part of the visual appeal associated with the Verde Fastframe is they look like they are floating rather than hanging. This illusion creates an aesthetically appealing image to behold for any bystanders essential for creating brand recognition. Accordingly, SEG frames helps boost brand appeal at tradeshows and shopping malls where consumers are constantly inundated with marketing imagery from a plethora of companies trying to gain and maintain their attention.

Verde Fastframe offers an alternative, economically friendly solution to a variety of retail and marketing signage needs. Our lightweight, easy-to-use, versatile, modular signage systems are designed with our clients and the environment in mind, and they are fashioned out of reclaimed plastic. For more information on how we can help you improve your company’s visual marketing platform while reducing your carbon footprint, please contact us.