Freedom Mobile Backlit Waterfall Wall



Freedom Mobile has undergone a brand refresh which included an update to brand colors along with the graphic treatments and finishes within their store environment. The Waterfall Wall is a focus wall within the store which displays mock phone devices. This wall consists of an oversized backlit frame along the top half of the wall, a wedge which displays the devices, and an oversized backlit frame along the bottom of the wall. Most frames range in width from 12’ – 16’ wide. These walls deliver huge impact!



We worked closely with the Freedom team to ensure we had an accurate tally of stores requiring new fabrics, and at the correct sizes. Utilizing Freedom Mobile’s new and refreshed creative, we output the required graphics and setup installations for most stores, due to the sheer size of these walls.



The new graphics created a fresh look in-store which aligned to the new brand standards. Their impact helped capture customer attention, drawing them into the store and proving there is no substitute for effective merchandising displays.